Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Handler: Way2SMS 0.2, FullonSMS 0.2, YouTube 1.4.7, Tv to Go 3.3.0

To Go TV330hui202
screenshot took place within 5 minutes

They say we can watch tv with this, theres a cracked version but it seems no use. I prefer to use the not touched and pay for subscription.

ToGoTV 3.3.0 Handler


ToGoTV 3.3.0 Handler


Send Free SMS in India with this two apps, a friend here requested for this one.

Way2SMS 0.2 Handler


FullonSMS 0.2 Handler


This one is very hard to work on for connection.. You can stream youtube videos with this.

YouTube 1.4.7 Handler


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bagi orang Indonesia yang punya wapsite dan website tentang internet ataupun aplikasi handphone, yang rela dititipkan artikel tolong respon post ini dgn format jenisSite:UrlSite, contoh:


Sunday, March 25, 2012

News Hunt 1.50.03, Cricket Companion 1.3, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 beta 17 (21763) Handler

News Hunt15003hui202
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Like to read news paper online? This is a request by Sundar, a usefull and informative application. It contians different regional news papers in India, International too. It works for free using my tricks!

png image hosting

Who loves cricket? Well Zkmarak does, this app lets you preview live scores, game schedules, quiz, trivias, lets you post comment on the game, download ringtones, wallpapers, games, and more. Hope you found it usefull too.


Now, heres another update from DG-SC. Superb!


Friday, March 23, 2012

2go 3.0.4 Handler

This is said to be a popular chat app in Nigeria. I dont know how it works, but our Nigerian friends keep requesting it to be edited.

Note: This app may or may not work for free, its partly socket/http so dont blame HandlerUI or me. I already explained how the connection behaves. If it works, then enjoy it.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opera Mini Next 7 Android External HandlerUI

As we know that the previous Opmin70NextHUI is not running well in major Android device, so i design the HUI Configurable saperately. So you need to install both of the file i provide below. I never test the application with a trick, so you need to test it by yourself. I hope it work.

And today i want to announce that i've deactivate my Facebook account, to me, using Facebook will take 1/4 of your life time, so i do it for that reason.

And for now, all the modding things, i leave it to Dzebb, I need to focus in the real life, and i'm sorry to leave you all this way. Maybe i'll come back someday, we'll see...

-To my Niece, Happy Birthday (tommorrow)...
-To Dzebb, thanks bro, you've help me a lot, You're the Man.
-To HandlerUI creator, never fight each other, the goal is not to be the Best.
-To NextWap, thanks for all the Donation that you gave me, I hope you can still working together with Dzebb.
-To User of HandlerUI, thanks for being our fans, See you.
My Facebook account will be activated again when I'm Back...


Monday, March 19, 2012

Handler: Empire Online 8.00.39, MXit 6.2.1, Main 1.0.0, QQ Browser 2.5, GTranslate Tool 1.5.6, MobilGet 2.5.0

Empire Online 8.00.39 Handler
Latest update for EO gamers, the Handler sub-menu is written in Login Page. Thanks to the translator of this version.
MXit 6.2.1 Handler
An online chat app, request by a friend in FB to be modded into hui142.
Main 1.0.0 Handler
This app from china capable of translating uc.bin,.java,.txt,.class file, I've added more language options for translating.
GTranslate 1.5.6 Handler
This is a translate tool.
QQ Browser 2.5 Handler
A browser like UC.
MobilGet 2.5.0 Handler
An old direct downloader app, nothing special.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

UC Browser Official Beta Handler


Hi, UC Team released UC Browser 8.2 Official/Beta yesterday, with much improvements, to find out more details about the changes Click Here its so cool. Now, I'll share to you this Handler I've bee working on, since I liked this version, I added extra something like Handler Segment,UA,Block,Screenshot,Clear Heap. etc, i hope its important to you, just look at the above screenshots for visual aid or install it directly.


Download Jar
Download Zip

Friday, March 16, 2012

Opera Mini 4.4.28684 alpha 6.0 Handler

free image hosting

Hi, its due date march 16 and its my sisters' birthday! here is opmin 4.4 alpha 6.0 simple update.
I'll make my statement short coz I'm in a hurry. kindly look at the screenshot above. ePal. :-)


  1. Download Manager
  2. Multi-Thread Download
  3. Inline Edit
  4. Sever Tools
  5. Clear Heap
  6. View Url on Page
  7. View Url on Screen
  8. Dial key to force close windows (s40)


  • There seems to be a bug in clipboard an template, not to work indidually, so "mark them both [X]" when using.
  • Every after use of the Screenshooter, you must disable it or the inline edit will fail.

I'd like to thank master ykhandler for helping me fix some bugs on this! Salute bro!

Enjoy it ePals!



Monday, March 12, 2012

Opera Mini Mod v.4.21.17(21661) Handler,Opera Mini Mod v.4.21.17(21660) No-Touch Handler

Opera Mini mod v.4.21.17(21661) - Touch

Hi, this is an urgent request at FB, I dont know the changelog yet, you can go to via google translate to read. Enjoy!




Opera Mini mod v.4.21.17(21660) - No Touch

Download (No-Touch)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 16 (21563) Handler

Hi, I just got home and finished this opera mini mod in just 15 minutes, LOL.. Anyway, heres the latest update from the great DG-SC, you can read its changelog by going to via google translate. Currently working on opmin 4.4 alpha 5.0..Worth a wait..Enjoy! Thanks to bro Priatama for the Info.



Friday, March 2, 2012

Avacs 2.2.0 Handler J2ME

AVACS Live Chat - free dating chat application for mobile phones and PC computers with photos, animated smiles, avatars, own rooms, personal messages, contact list, exchange of photos, music and files, with colourful messages and more more more...

AVACS Live Chat - first mobile crypto chat. Your messages, photos, voice and other information encrypted with 128-bit key cipher algorithm.



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Be Advised

Hi, we have heard reports that most of the unofficial handler apps, specifically "imitation" and or "fraud", a "manipulated handler classes" to be exact, are not running and eventually collapses in almost all phone models. e.g. s60 3rd Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 , 9.3 above, s60 5th, and others to mention.

( Notice: We advise this people not to release this type of apps for it is a disgrace to HUI applications, so as to the maker. )

This "posers" are not aware of this. The apps they generate is "unsafe" to your phones. Nevertheless, no development is expected to whatever they try to achieve. We do not treat this individuals as a threat to us, but we are in deep concern of you our beloved users, especially your device.

We encourage our loyal users to patronize the official HUI releases which we are confident to say "safe" various test are being implemented before lease and issues reported are instantly traced and fixed, "as we know what we do, and what to do."

The Handler UI Management ™

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