Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Android Market Downloader HUI

I'm still learning about my Android phone, and i dont know if this apps will work or not (Failed to use CGI trick). Ok, lets get into it.

We'll start with the minimum requirements, to make sure that you're ready to go or not:
1. You need to ROOT your OS (this is required because the one that i mod is a System Apps).
2. Android Version at least 2.1 (froyo), recommended gingerbread (I'm using it).
3. Market (Mine is version 3.4.4).
4. HandlerUI100.apk .This is the UserInterface to change the HandlerUI configurations. You can install it without ROOT.
5. DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk .The apps that handles the downloads of apps from the Market.
6. A file browser that can access root folder. Recommended Root Explorer.

Now, what will this apps do? This apps will handle the Download from Market to pass through HandlerUI. But keep in mind that Browsing the Market is not through HandlerUI (I haven't take a look if it is available to be mod or not).

The procedure that you must do:
1. Download and put it on your Device: HandlerUI100.apk, DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk
2. Run Root Explorer, then go to /system/app , Backup/Copy your original DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk from that directory to other else so if you failed on this, you can still recover it.
3. Copy the DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk that i provide it to you to /system/app using Root Explorer (make sure you already press "Mount R/W" button before you press paste in /system/app).
4. Install HandlerUI100.apk and run it, don't forget to press Enable HUI to make it work.
5. Open Market and try to download any apps.

Notes: Don't Uninstall HandlerUI without restore-ing the original DownloadProvider & DownloadProviderUI.apk
Do all this at your own risk, i dont responsible of any damage that it will cause.
Please respon me if it work or not.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

JaxtrSMS 07.00.02 Handler, Oupeng 6.5 (CN) Handler

JaxtrSMS 07.00.02 Handler

Mobile Texting at incredibly low rates. Local And International.

Send messages to all in your address book whether they have the app or not.

How does it work? Use JaxtrSMS to send and receive messages with any other mobile phone in the world.

1. Recipient does not have to be a user.

2. Send a text message to any other mobile phone, domestic or international.
3. Use your own phone number JaxtrSMS.

- The world's First OPEN mobile to mobile texting application. Use JaxtrSMS to send and receive messages with any other mobile phone in the world.*

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Download JAR:
Download ZIP:

Oupeng 6.5 Chinese Handler

A new generation of browser UI Simple, elegant, fashion, out of the crowded, complex mobile browser interface, create personalized browser.

Speed ​​Dial

"Speed ​​Dial" will be added to the home page like Web site, to achieve one-click access. By custom "speed dial", you can create a personalized browser.


URL auto-complete feature match from the history and bookmarks in the URL you're typing, allowing you faster access to desired URL.

Multi-tabbed browsing

Support open multiple pages, can easily switch between different pages.

Site storage

A collection of popular Internet classified and classified under the hot site, click the site you can add it to the Home "Speed ​​Dial" in the.


Easy to play microblogging

European friends mobile browser built-in micro- Bo, supporting the microblogging updates, reading, one-click publishing, forwarding, review and collection functions, gives you powerful microblogging experience.

Hot microblogging information

Through the intelligent search algorithm for your latest, most flows, the most fun hot microblogging information, a collection of social, sports, finance, technology, jokes, otaku, gossip, horoscopes, food and other channels, so you always leave information and information of a person.


Built the domestic popular search service, support shortcut to switch between search services, and can save your search history. Not only that, also add support for custom search services.

Web sharing

Browser sharing, a key will allow you to share web pages to different social networks, internet sharing fun times with friends.

Speed, ultra-provincial traffic

Speed ​​browsing

With a mature and efficient "cloud" compression and transcoding technology, European Internet friends mobile browser much faster than other general mobile phone browser. Particularly in access to some complex pages, access speed can be 5-10 times higher.

Ultra-provincial traffic, up 90%

European friends mobile browser allows high data traffic charges into a "cloud." Through the cloud-based compression and transcoding, European friends mobile browser access can greatly reduce the flow of the page - up to 90%, let you swim in the Internet phone is no "flow" in fear.

Powerful browsing

Strong core, true-color view

The world's leading browser kernel, full support for WAP and rich phone WWW page display. Support, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, etc., a variety of Internet standards, the most abundant color to present you all the Internet page.

Smart Zoom

Click page can be automatically enlarged, enlarged content will automatically adjust to the width of the screen, so you can quickly browse without scrolling left and right. If your phone supports multi-touch gestures you can also zoom the page.

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Download JAR:
Download ZIP:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

QQ Browser 2.4.06 Handler, Mozat 6.3.3 Handler, Tubri 5.0 Handler, YourTube 1.1.6 Handler

QQ Browser Mini 2.4.06 Handler

New features in Java:

1. Added Download Manager to rapidly increase your download success rate.

2. Added Independent Input function. Now your input history will be safely stored in the system.

3. Added Confirmation Exit Message. Your current page will be saved for next viewing after you exit QQ Browser.

4. Added fun splash screens to celebrate the holidays with you.

5. Optimized login process and upgraded homepage.

Requirements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0

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Download ZIP
Download JAR

MOZAT 6.3.3 Handler

MOZAT connects you with your friends no matter what phones they use.

MOZAT is probably the most powerful mobile social tool on this planet! It connects you with your friends no matter what phones they use.


Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk, Facebook chat, File transfer, Delivery status report, Social games (Ocean Age, Texas Hold'em, and more).

Requirements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0

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Download ZIP
Download JAR

Tubri 5.0 Handler

Tubri is a new kind of social network basedon real-life relations which lets you socialize with different type of people differently. Why Tubri: It lets you create labels like: My Family, My Friends & My co-workers etc. and assign them to your people. These labels are private and nobody knows which labels you assigned them to. Labels let you share different photos/discuss different things with different type of people. A photo shared with "My Friends" will not be visible to people in "My Family" and others. A rapidlygrowing social network, Tubri lets you enjoy better control on your social life. This is a free mobile application which you can download to socialize with your peopleon the go.

This app lets you do these:

1. Check out whats being posted in all your labels.

2. Find new people and add them to your people list.

3. Chat with your friends and people.

4. Post social updates in different labels.

5. Take photos from your phone camera, upload it to your Tubri albums and share easily with others.

6. View your Tubri photo albums, photos and share them with others.

7. View latest activities.

Requirements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0

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Download ZIP
Download JAR

YourTube 1.1.6 Handler

Open Source J2ME YouTube video downloader for mobile phones.

What is YourTube?

YourTube is a handy open source J2ME YouTube video downloader for mobile phones. Using YourTube, you can search for any video you like on YouTube and then save it in suitable format on your phone.

Main features:

1. Ability to search YouTube videos.

2. Ability to preview screenshots, properties and video stream (if supported by phone).

3. Support for multiple video formats.

4. Support for background download and download queue.

Requirements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0

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Download ZIP
Download JAR

YK handler web under contruction ..will be back on 1-2 days

YK handler web under contruction ..will be back on 1-2 days

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Be Advised

Hi, we have heard reports that most of the unofficial handler apps, specifically "imitation" and or "fraud", a "manipulated handler classes" to be exact, are not running and eventually collapses in almost all phone models. e.g. s60 3rd Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 , 9.3 above, s60 5th, and others to mention.

( Notice: We advise this people not to release this type of apps for it is a disgrace to HUI applications, so as to the maker. )

This "posers" are not aware of this. The apps they generate is "unsafe" to your phones. Nevertheless, no development is expected to whatever they try to achieve. We do not treat this individuals as a threat to us, but we are in deep concern of you our beloved users, especially your device.

We encourage our loyal users to patronize the official HUI releases which we are confident to say "safe" various test are being implemented before lease and issues reported are instantly traced and fixed, "as we know what we do, and what to do."

The Handler UI Management ™

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