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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HandlerUI Embedder (Update)

Hi, Ever wanted to insert HandlerUI Menu in the apps? it is possible with the application HandlerUI Embedder.
Is an application created by Dzebb, its function is insert the HandlerUI in the apps.

Update 3.0: dzebbs' tribute to Yk Handler from Indonesia to remember his great creation forever... Please do not attemp to sell any HandlerUI Mod nor the other hui embedder app.

  • For modders: you can change UI version, just extract it to Lib folder, or manually rename *.clazz to *.class then extract to output folder, repack. 
Step 1: 
Install HandlerUI Embeeder app. 
Step 2: 
Create 2 folders (Folder1, Folder2). 
Step 3: 
Unpack the file you want to mod to Folder1. 
Step 4: 
Launch HandlerUI Embedder. 
Step 5: 
Browse and Set the Input Folder Path. sample location; e://Folder1. 
Step 6: 
Browse and Set the Out Folder Path. sample location; e://Folder2. This is where the modded and finished file goes. 
Step 7: 
Start Patch. Wait for a few minutes, this depends if its large file it may take longer. If done. Exit app, Open your File Manager like X-plore 1.58 or Minicommander 4.2 go to ouput Folder2 then repack all files to .jar. 
Step 8: 
Exit File Manager. Locate and Install. The modded app is auto named with HandlerUI. \m/ Enjoy!