Saturday, April 28, 2012

Opera Mini Next 7.0 Handler (En Español)

Hola, aquí les dejo el Opera Mini Next 7.0 Handler en Español. 
Opera Mini Next, una versión de desarrollo que sigue el mismo propósito que Opera Next en el escritorio. Y la característica principal es Smart Page, una página de inicio que no sólo incluye el famoso Speed Dial sino que también integra Twitter y Facebook. 
Para más información, visita
Que lo disfruten amigos, saludos! -Robert King-
Créditos: dzebb por el Menú Handler.

Ucweb 7.2 Android APK Handler

Hello guys. First of all I heard some complaints to MasterYosep regarding me messing up with the site.All I want to say to those who think like that is all I wanted to give a new look to this site and one more thing Dzebb is not posting Handlers not due to me , he might have some other work.

This will be my last Android handler and please dont message me to create new android apk handlers. I created this one only because of the requests from all . Note that the Handler face attached to it just is the Handler 150 type script and it doesnot support real Host features.

My next handller ill be released only after some time as I have some of my own work to complete.

Download UCWEB Android apk Handler

Share your experiences with this one.


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Opera Mini 4.4.28684 Alpha 4.0 Handler (En Español)

Hola!, soy nuevo acá y para mi es un honor formar parte de YkHandler, espero llevarme bien con todos.
Me encargaré de traducir las aplicaciones al español y me parece bien porque aquí entran personas de varias partes de Latinoamérica.
Bueno aquí les dejo el Opera Mini 4.4.28684 Versión alfa 4.0 traducido al español.
Me imagino que todo el que lo ha usado ya sabe todas las funciones que tiene, así que no daré mas detalles para ser mas breve. Acá les dejare los links de descarga. Un saludo a todos! :) 
Créditos: dzebb por el Menú Handler.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OperaMini 5.1 Android HUI

Hi there. This might be an old one, but still it is my first android HUI. I dont know much about HUI 202 but I stick onb to HUI 150.Still HUI 150 and HUI 202 have the same features, they only differ in the looks.So please dont request me for Android HUI and HI 202.They are said for Dzebb and Mr. Yk.And about this HUI, it is an android version Opera.It is not actually my own creation., one of my friends named Abhi had helped me in creating this one.I dont study about Android much and I am still sticking on to J2Me apps.I know that Sir Handler has already released the OPERA 6.5 Android HUI and Opera Next HUI.But still just test this

download from Mediafire 

If you want to be friend with me, I am on FB,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TuneWikiPlayer 2.2 Handler, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 (22013) Handler

TuneWikiPlayer 2.2 Handler + Cracked

Tune Wiki Player22 Handler UIScreenshot 57853501526

I got curious with this app so I cracked the online registration of it, upon installing, you see a message like successfully generated auth code, it'll exit, then open it again, from there you are now an anonymous user. It syncs lyrics with your music like a videoke.


Zip from Plunder

Jar from NextWap

Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 (22013) Handler

Now here's another update from DG-SC, you can read its changelog HERE


Jar & Zip at NextWap

Sunday, April 15, 2012

eBuddy 2.3.1 Handler

Whats New? Does it matter? Well, there is Bad News, after a couple of days studying the connection behaviour of this app, its sad to say to free eBuddy users that the "login server has changed to Socket Protocol" so you may get stuck, and so HUI could not penetrate it accdng. to yk the master himself.. Anyways, I'll just share it here to fulfill the request of our fans, plus the level of difficulty is intense esp. when the app is super protected. Sorry, we cant do anything about it.


Version 2.3.1

Version 2.3.0

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Windows Live 36.82.01 Handler

Hola. muy version especial por mi amigos y amigas en Mexico, parte Europa, España, Americas, Argentina ect. es modificar exclusivo. La lengua de applicacion en español. saludos y para ti.. gracias!

Creditos: Anarkia (mi compadre)

P.S: Pasencias, mi idioma es la loco. He.he. Feliz Pascual!

Descargar en Plunder

Descargar en NextWap

If you want this app in English, download at

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Handler: Yahoo Messenger 2.1.0, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 18 (21881), Prothom Alo 1.0

Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 beta 18

- Hi, heres an update from the great DG-SC, its now beta 18. Its awesome!


From Nextwap
From Plunder
Y! Messenger 2.1.0

- This is Yahoo Messenger j2me, it has a cool interface, you can chat and send mail in it.


From Nextwap
From Plunder
Prothom Alo 1.0

- This one is a request from a friend in Bangladesh, it reads news. I'll just share it here in case someone might need.


From Nextwap
From Plunder

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facebook 2.7.1 Handler

Hi this is facebook for mobile J2me Handler. I was kind of a little hesitant to release this quite a long time ago coz my trick doesnt work with it, but then I decided to share to find out, and so then our friends from Indonesia said it works for free with their tricks! Anyway, hope it works with your tricks too!


From Nextwap

From Plunder

God bless us all.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UC Browser Alpha Handler, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 17 (21820) Handler

Here's an update from UC Team, its actually for trial. "Alpha Version".


Ok. Now here's another update from DG-SC, last march 30, its really good.


God Bless us all this Lenten Season.

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Hi, we have heard reports that most of the unofficial handler apps, specifically "imitation" and or "fraud", a "manipulated handler classes" to be exact, are not running and eventually collapses in almost all phone models. e.g. s60 3rd Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 , 9.3 above, s60 5th, and others to mention.

( Notice: We advise this people not to release this type of apps for it is a disgrace to HUI applications, so as to the maker. )

This "posers" are not aware of this. The apps they generate is "unsafe" to your phones. Nevertheless, no development is expected to whatever they try to achieve. We do not treat this individuals as a threat to us, but we are in deep concern of you our beloved users, especially your device.

We encourage our loyal users to patronize the official HUI releases which we are confident to say "safe" various test are being implemented before lease and issues reported are instantly traced and fixed, "as we know what we do, and what to do."

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