Sunday, September 15, 2013


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Opera Mini 4.5 HandlerUI 2.1.0 English, Español.

Opera Mini 4.5 HandlerUI 2.1.0
This version includes a download manager that controls the discharge and unlike version 4.4, the browser in this pause, resume and manage the download process as in the versions originally intended to SmartPhones. It also includes a privacy mode in which the browser does not save the logon data or navigation data. Upon completion, all data loaded will disappear when you close the private tab. The appearance for Opera Mini 4.5 has been updated and renovated. Now is improved for touch screens, for phones that support it. Version 4.5 is focused on devices with little RAM that do not support other versions.

HandlerUI Changes
1. Template
2. Proxy

Mirror, v4.5.33867:
zip to .jar
Unlock Code:
All credits to YK Handler and ?????.

             Opera Mini 4.5.33867 HandlerUI 2.1.0
Esta versión cuenta con un gestor de descargas que controla las descargas y a diferencia de la versión 4.4, en esta el navegador pausa, reanuda y gestiona el proceso de descarga, tal y como en las versiones originalmente destinada a SmartPhones. También incluye un modo de privacidad, en el que el navegador no guarda ni los datos de inicio de sesión, ni datos de navegación. Al finalizar, todos los datos cargados desaparecerán al cerrar la pestaña privada. La apariencia de Opera Mini 4.5 se ha actualizado y renovado. Ahora tiene mejoras para pantallas táctiles, para los teléfonos que lo soportan. La versión 4.5 está enfocada a los dispositivos con poca memoria RAM que no soportan otras versiones.

Cambios del HUI:
1. Plantilla
2. Proxy
Código de Desbloqueo:
Créditos: a YK Handler y ?????.  - Traducción: Robert King.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Opera Mini 7.5.3 Android Handler new mod

Opera Mini 7.5.3 Android Handler 2013
HUI Changes:
 *Revision on Extra Header - if the object recieves null, adds property.
 *Reverse Proxy - to show extra header works and hides client IP.
 *Download zip then rename to apk.

What's New
What's in this version:
This latest version of Opera Mini contains a variety of bug fixes, along with stability and performance improvements.
Opera Mini 7.5 makes your Android device smarter with Smart Page. It gives you a dashboard view of the latest activity on your social networks, along with automatic news feeds from your favorite sites. Need a sneak peek or the full update? You’ll be able to stay informed about everything that matters to you.

Unlock code:

                  Para versión en español, seguir leyendo...uc

Opera Mini 7.5.3 Android Handler 2013

Cambios del HUI:
*Revisión en encabezado extra- Si el objeto recibe null, añade la propiedad.
*Proxy Inverso- Para mostrar obras de cabecera adicionales y esconder IP del cliente.
*Descarga ZIP cambia el nombre a apk.

Qué puedes encontrar en esta versión:
La última versión de Opera Mini contiene correcciones de errores, además de mejoras de estabilidad y rendimiento.

Opera Mini 7.5 hace que tu dispositivo Android sea más inteligente gracias a Smart Page, ofreciéndote un resúmen de las novedades en tus redes sociales, además de las últimas noticias de tus sitios favoritos. Ya sea con un avance de las últimas novedades o la actualización completa, podrás mantenerte informado acerca de todo lo que le interesa.
Código de desbloqueo:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UC Browser HandlerUI 2.1.0

UC Browser HandlerUI 2.1.0
Handler UI Changelog
Integrated UI Redesign:
Version: 2.1.0 Build: 012713
210 update dzebb:
  • Custom Child Lock
  • Fixed Screen Display Issues in Cherry Mobile A5. BUG from HUI200-209
New Features in UC Browser
  • Incognito Browsing: Your browsing history will not be recorded when you turn on Incognito Browsing.
  • Search Bar: An easier to use search bar, with an interface thah is smarter and more user friendly.
  • Selected and Copy: You can see how many words you are selecting in real time.
  • Text Box: Better supports non-English QWERTY keypads and virtual keypads.
Info: Touch Screen: 
Click (Save All & Start) then Click (Select).
Unlock code: dzebb
For Touch Screen:

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Be Advised

Hi, we have heard reports that most of the unofficial handler apps, specifically "imitation" and or "fraud", a "manipulated handler classes" to be exact, are not running and eventually collapses in almost all phone models. e.g. s60 3rd Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 , 9.3 above, s60 5th, and others to mention.

( Notice: We advise this people not to release this type of apps for it is a disgrace to HUI applications, so as to the maker. )

This "posers" are not aware of this. The apps they generate is "unsafe" to your phones. Nevertheless, no development is expected to whatever they try to achieve. We do not treat this individuals as a threat to us, but we are in deep concern of you our beloved users, especially your device.

We encourage our loyal users to patronize the official HUI releases which we are confident to say "safe" various test are being implemented before lease and issues reported are instantly traced and fixed, "as we know what we do, and what to do."

The Handler UI Management ™

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