Thursday, January 19, 2012

YK handler web under contruction ..will be back on 1-2 days

YK handler web under contruction ..will be back on 1-2 days

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Oyes compa no tendras un togotv handler pero ka version mas reciente por k la otra ya no agarra x fa gracias


Terjadi pemindahan situs ya kang.
Sekarang memakai blogspot. Tapi nggak apa-apa kang, kan alamat url-nya masih

Ane support aja kang, masih newbie dan mendalami seluk beluk dan cara kerja opmin handler. Ane baru belajar mencari bug gratisan kang.

Salam hangat dari Blog HP Yitno


Please I need the key for opmod421b14HandlerUI it's working for free and I always have to reinstall it after 20 usage...and I'd lost everything.


kang boleh minta tolng gk,tolng bkinin opmin handler versi cab


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Be Advised

Hi, we have heard reports that most of the unofficial handler apps, specifically "imitation" and or "fraud", a "manipulated handler classes" to be exact, are not running and eventually collapses in almost all phone models. e.g. s60 3rd Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 , 9.3 above, s60 5th, and others to mention.

( Notice: We advise this people not to release this type of apps for it is a disgrace to HUI applications, so as to the maker. )

This "posers" are not aware of this. The apps they generate is "unsafe" to your phones. Nevertheless, no development is expected to whatever they try to achieve. We do not treat this individuals as a threat to us, but we are in deep concern of you our beloved users, especially your device.

We encourage our loyal users to patronize the official HUI releases which we are confident to say "safe" various test are being implemented before lease and issues reported are instantly traced and fixed, "as we know what we do, and what to do."

The Handler UI Management ™

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