Monday, February 3, 2014

android app Switchr - App Switching Revolutionized

Version 3.1
- Full gesture integration into Switchr Arc (close running apps by overswiping!)
- Center Switchr Arc on the screen
- Faster switching algorithm
- More settings added
- Some paid settings made free
- Report issues from support tab

Version 3.5 & 3.6
- Pinned apps (including Recent & Running apps) for FREE
- Halo integration for root users
- Faster initialization of the UI
- Minor bug fixes & UI tweaks
- Smarter swipe detection
- Setting the stage for the next update

Version 3.75
- Switchr Slide gets a Windows 8 like Sidebar
- New content tab merging all app types into one
- Running indicators showing which apps are running
- A new trigger editor making it easier to edit margins and select multiple edges
- Right edge & haptic feedback made free

download link swichr


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